Data Driven Marketing is What We Do.

Data Driven Marketing incorporated with “Creativity“


To build quality it takes time, Zana Data Science aims to build the quality that Google aims to reward. An effective SEO campaign needs to be judged on months if not years, as such optimisation is not a quick process.

Data Science

Use Zana Data Science expertise, to not only analyse your data yet, additionally to move your emphasis and follow up on opportunities. As your partner, Ziva Data Science will demonstrate how information gets to be significant in an important way.

Digital Marketing

The Zana “way” is, to create a Data Driven Digital Marketing Strategy with “Creativity” Added.  The marketers message is no longer driven by creativity, but by the recently discovered spotlight on data-driven insights to drive results.

A few things we’re great at

We love talking to others who are passionate about data science. There is something  “magical” about seeing a prediction materialise from a set of previously meaningless data. Passionate people are driven to learn and understand more about their field, and that’s the type of people we have on our team. Our skillset includes:

Mathematical Marketing

Make Mathematical Marketing work for your organisation, with Zana. Let us increase your marketing effectiveness by leveraging the enormous volumes of data now at your disposal.


Social Media Marketing

We all want to avoid spillage of customers, so social media marketing is regularly used to pull in these new customers into the top of the sales funnel.


Content Marketing and NLP

Zana creates successful data driven content marketing strategies, utilising relevant and quality data, and delivering effective insights, through data journalism.

Maths Driven SEO

Our advice is that your SEO agency should use advanced mathematics, just as Google does.

Zana makes online marketing, including SEO, more quantifiable and therefore predictable, by being aware of Google innovations and operating as a maths driven SEO agency.


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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.