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Social Media Marketing

Data Driven Marketing incorporated with “Creativity“

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

 “Social Media Marketing (SMM)”

Smart Marketing = Data Driven Social Media Marketing

We all want to avoid spillage of customers, so social media marketing is regularly used to pull in these new customers into the top of the sales funnel. We run structured social media campaigns with measurable goals set in concrete, tracking our efforts along the way, avoiding the common errors of many of today’s social media campaigns. Zana will ensure your company doesn’t miss out on enormous opportunities by directing your social media campaigns using data. Using data we can optimise your campaigns, and additionally data will provide opportunities to reach a larger audience, better know your audience, and understand the results of your effort.

Today’s entrepreneur are becoming aware of the need for focus on analytics, but many have found themselves submerged in data analytics, and few know how they should be using social media analytics in order to be successful. Many are suffering paralysis from over-analysing every metric, and are never able to make decisions as they cannot focus on what really matters. Zana can ensure analysis paralysis doesn’t happen to your company, our social media analytics process will mine data from your social media sites, and using the data ensure you make the right data-driven strategic marketing decisions.


The combination of capability with social media and understanding of the use of big data is putting some companies today at a significant advantage.


Zana will across social media marketing platforms help you to:

  • firstly identify the accessible specific data and show you how it should be used
  • by use of analysis and trends to optimise your social media content
  • use analytics and quantitative insight to create social media strategies, while measuring progress towards goals
  • to create many new opportunities, by the combination of social business and big data (data-driven social business)


Social Media Marketing Platforms

Each social media platform is unique with its own user base and preferences, as such they are far from equal. Additionally many marketing professionals say the key to social media success is personalisation. An intimate knowledge of each used platform, along with knowledge of the ways you can use the platform to reach your audience and and form relationships is required before marketing can be made personal. For businesses to keep current customers and attract new ones, requires serious focus on personalisation of social media.


Social Media Marketing Buyer Personas

Before you attempt to speak to your customers, you need to identify what your customer needs, and this applies to both social media and landing pages. Hence, for any social media marketing campaign to be successful part of the campaign basis needs to buyer personas. Buyer personas tell you what potential customers are thinking as representations of the general population who are purchasing, or may purchase, your item. By using buyer personas, you can better understand your customers, as they weigh up their buying options. In using buyer personas to better understand your customer, your campaigns are heading towards hearing and addressing the customers needs.

Big data is required to get the best information in order to develop buyer personas. We will collect data to learn all that is required to gain a full understanding of your customers, from all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will assemble models that layout who your customers are, and will eventually allow you to create the message that audience wants to hear.


Direct Social Media Marketing ROI

Marketers are still failing to realise that everyone makes their journey to conversion differently, and still prefer to focus on conversions and clicks. The marketers aim should be to create a base of connected customers who have all the product or service information they need to make an informed buy, realising that these customers may not convert directly from social media, and may take their time to do so.


SEO and Social Media Marketing

SEO is not influenced by social media due to actual social links, SEO is influenced by people getting the message out about your content. Readers will link to your content, when your content has quality and relevance and adds value for them. Search engine ranking is helped by these incoming links that build authority for the page. Zana will ensure that those who read your content want to talk about it, to do this we ensure that your content is the type people need to share.

You can make more educated decisions about your campaigns, by directing your social media campaigns using data. You will know how well you are doing at each stage of the campaign and the collected information can be used in the future to create more results-driven campaigns.


Zana Social Media Marketing Process

Understand Your Audience

As always knowledge of your audience is the key to success, so we always start with gaining a full understanding of your customer audience. We assemble analytics for an agreed period of time, while engaging your audience on social media and gaining a feel of your whole social media universe. We are then able to know on what platforms your brand engages with your audience, and how your audience engages online, having a full comprehension of what content best resounds with your target audience.

We need to pick up a full top to bottom knowledge of your audiences pains, their lifestyle and how your product can take away that pain. We can then develop your target customer persona passed the essential but basic age, gender and location, also giving us insight into your digital landscape’s key influencers. As we develop an understanding of your audience, we will start to see patterns, know which products have the most engagement, and on which platform a product is at its strongest.


Definition of Goals

Our collaborative team will jointly decide on the goals that your company is trying to accomplish, clear definition of goals and objectives is required before we build your company’s online social media existence. Your social media strategy will plot the best social media channels for your type of business and company needs, and will be driven by your goals and objectives. Social media analytics gives us a far reaching understanding into your audience conduct, feelings and attitides, as it gives us the ability to quickly dig deep into who your audience is.


Identification of Success Metrics to Measure

It is critical to recognise which metrics you will use to gauge your success, after identifying your goals. Metrics will change, contingent on your identified goals. Important measures such as KPI that measure who saw your content, in terms of the number of people, or how many connections a message had giving the size of your audience, and known as impressions will be used.


Google Analytics

Today verging on every social media site such as Twitter and Facebook, gives their own analytics tools, and their are many more on the market. We utilise one essential well used tool, and a second for data point comparison, and to give an all encompassing view.

Google Analytics is our first choice because it shows us who your website visitors are, what they do on your website, when they visit and where they came from, how they interacted with your content and more. Factors that give us a detailed understanding of how ROI, traffic, and your conversion rate, etc, are being affected by your activities on social media. So we use Google Analytics to measure what is happening on your website, and importantly supplement it with competitive analytics, giving us an additional tool as your competitors information is easily accessible from social media analytics. We look at competitors websites, customer reviews, Facebook page, mobile applications, offline media strategy and other social properties.

Final note: Our advice is to stop posting arbitrary random unproven content with no data to back it up, and without linking content and context, in the hope it will reverberate with people. For better social media engagement you need to be more scientific.

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