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Zana creates successful data driven content marketing strategies, utilising relevant and quality data, and delivering effective insights.


As conventional advertising decreases in viability, the rise of online networking has driven more brands to gain an understanding of content marketing. More and more organisations are seeing themselves as publishers, launching digital newsrooms, podcasts, and other forms of branded content, no longer just as advertisers, in order for them to keep their brands, perspectives, and value propositions to the fore front of customers.

In the main organisations have taken to their new their new content creating role, yet they’ve to a great extent passed up a major opportunity from the realm of traditional media, to use one of the most hot trends in that realm, that of data journalism. This type of reporting can still be regarded as new, and draws on the developing accessibility of data sets and data analysis tools to reveal and tell stories.

Zana utilises data journalism since we perceive that the universe of big data offers chances to reveal new experiences, deliver new insights, and to tell stories in much more convincing ways. Greatly significant, is that data-driven driven stories draw in the sort of social media attention that publishers dream about, for example, infographics and new data effectively spread over Twitter, because they can describe a story in a minimal, persuading and ostensibly captivating way.

Infographics are now a standard part of the corporate communicator’s toolbox, while still few and far between are data visualisations driven by unique data. Today’s endeavours have access to more data than at anytime in memory, so that is an unexpected and inexcusable oversight. The basics for the best possible marketing decisions are ready provided for by that data, but still in many cases it’s shrouded with mystery and kept secret, and utilised only for internal decision-making. Data-driven content, is hardly known as a technique for transforming information into blog entries or reports: and marketers for the most part are only utilising data to control their own campaigns and make their own marketing decisions.


Zana will help you open up the fortune contained within your data, while in the form of original content offering some of that riches back to the public and customers.


Content Marketing To Increase Site Traffic

The type of content that’s most likely to be shared on social media, are infographics, so creating data visualisations that offer genuine worth to your readers, is an awesome approach to spread your thoughts and message and to direct customers to your website. Data visualisations and reports have some staying power, and are not at all like a run of the mill blog entry, especially if you precisely choose your title keywords so that your posts show up at whatever point people search for numbers on your industry or topic.


Added Value Content Marketing

As brands have ascended as publishers, this has prompted a large increase in the volume of content available on the web. What’s more, let’s be realistic: the greater part of it is repulsive. From the interminable heave of blog entries intended to set up an individual brand, on an offered subject, to the monotonous routine of keeping corporate sites loaded with a la mode discharges, a considerable measure of what’s getting turned out offers more in terms of word count than it offers real data or significant knowledge, or any usable insights. When you’re sharing new, precise, important numbers, you are putting forth content that gives individuals genuine quality and adds value.


Subject Authority From Content Marketing

Your force as the model on a subject can be set up by, curating information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, analysing that data, then sharing it, particularly if it hasn’t been shared some time recently. In the event that you can release a report or infographic that offers another or a conclusive take on business sector patterns or issues, you turn into the go-to source on that subject. This is a way to earn media mentions and interview requests however pretty much as vital, the report itself highlights your organisation’s ability. For your organisation, showcasing your underlining skills regularly should be one of the top aims of content marketing, and data-driven content performs that objective successfully.


Learn From Fresh Insights & Data Science

In today’s enterprise, data analysis skills and data science are turning out to be ever more essential, so many organisations have developed a significant strength of expertise when it comes to utilising analytics internally to drive business decisions. Be that as it may, when you begin sharing your measurements externally, you can get a radical new point of view, in light of the fact that perceiving how other individuals react to and comprehend it might give you new bits of knowledge, to give you new insights into the numbers you think you definitely know everything about. In the event that you release some of your data in a structure that other individuals can use to make their own graphs and make their own analyses, they might discover examples, knowledge and insights you would never have thought to investigate, then this is particularly true.


Customer Data Transparency Through Content Marketing

Customers are progressively at this time worried about the way that organisations gather and utilise their own personal data, data-driven content offers a path for organisations to let individuals perceive how their data is being utilised. That straightforwardness constructs trust, this transparency addresses their worry that they surrender more value by sharing their data than they get back from the organisations who gather it. By accumulating the information in a way that protects individual customers, showing that their privacy is being preserved, and gives knowledge taking into account the examples uncovered through that collection, brands can offer clients some assistance with understanding how their personal information is being utilised.

Data driven content marketing is still an under-utilised part of the marketer’s toolbox, despite all the added value it can offer. A large number of the organisations that have wandered into this space are doing it inadequately. This is because, well executed data storytelling is still the exception and not the norm. There still exists a gigantic open door for organisations to emerge from the marketing swarms, and stand out by turning quantitative data into quality content.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Sentiment analysis of social media is the most widely used NLP capability for marketers. However as of late, customers are scrutinizing the utility of examination demonstrating positive versus negative sentiment of a brand.

Zana uses sentiment and volume of mentions to convert to actionable analytics where the data is, aligned based on expected reach, and associated with demographical data. This leads to solutions such as social segmentation and more focused on promotion efforts.

The capacity to distinguish propensity signals from social media posts or customer loyalty reviews is to a great degree valuable and prompts social prospecting solutions. NLP capabilities are required for social prospecting solutions that can filter out passing brand mentions, and concentrate on those where this is an expectation to buy. NLP and machine learning can likewise be utilised to break down and analyse customer content.

NLP innovation can be utilised in the ecommerce world, to consequently explain item inventories with html tags reflecting extra product attributes, attributes that may not as a matter of course be incorporated into the metadata. This can help with site design improvement, trough search engine optimisation, and in addition better overall proposals for improvement. NLP examination of email campaign messages can uncover what components of an email message customers were receptive to, prompting a higher level of personalisation.


We guarantee you focus on, the right individuals, the right audience segments, and create the right content, for the right interests/consumption, which are insights-driven, while utilising the right content types and the right content subjects, and use the right content channels.

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