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Email Marketing Strategy “Email Marketing Strategy”

Zana will help you make use of the email marketing channel with the best chances for making a profit and reaching your goals from the marketing of your products and services. We transform ideas into actions by the creation of a viable email marketing strategy.


The number one direct channel in terms of day by day use and consumer preference for both marketing and personal communications, is contrary to rumour that it’s dead, still email. Marketers still have an overwhelming requirement to deliver relevant content through email marketing, as a key objective of their organisation.

As a channel email has recognition, adaptability, and is applicable to all, as such it continues to flourish. Anywhere, anytime email usage, is being driven in this radical new era of versatile of mobile smartphone and tablet users. Any statement that email is dead with consumers is ridiculous, for anyone, who takes the time to delve into the available data.

If you require a capable and powerful email marketing strategy, then Zana will create it for you. We begin our process with building a list, it continues with data management, and we ensure it closures in revenue generation. The foundation that your email marketing system is built around, is your email marketing strategy, so it merits investing time and energy on. Consideration will be given as to what your target customers are, their inclinations and the advantages they are searching for, which email marketing messages are most effective, and in addition your products, services and industry, all necessary elements of an effective email marketing strategy.


Define Your Procurement Tactics

In the event that audience growth is your priority, we start by analysing where the customers are already engaging with your brand. At that point, we can decide how to drive interactive engagement, and improve those experiences and with new tools and methods. A simple example and ever present upgrade, is the optimisation of acquisition forms for mobile. There will be no customer opt-in unless a customer on a tablet or smartphone can fill out a required form quickly.


Importance Of Mobile Optimisation In Email Marketing

Data shows that the majority of consumers delete emails immediately if they are not optimised for mobile, therefore for brands who fail to optimise email for mobile, the penalty is stiff. From the start, we guarantee to offer a rich mobile experience. For the duration of their time spent with your brand, subscribers will know they’re in for a great mobile experience, not an ordeal, if your introductory welcome email is flawlessly optimised for mobile.


Data Must Always Be Relevant

To ensure you’re sending targeted communications, speaking to each customer in a relevant and personalised manner, we assess your current data. The customer experience can be significantly enhanced, by utilising straightforward data points like gender and location. For example, on social media we utilise Facebook’s geo-targeting features with status updates. The same promotional messages on social media that you are using in email, should never be flowed to customers, as in each of those channels they are looking for different information, this we will endeavor to guarantee.


Whenever Possible Customise Email

Your messages will be appreciated significantly more if they are custom personalised, by your website visitors, email, and mobile subscribers, and all those who have associated with you on social media. For the ultimate in one-to-one communications, we must infuse personalised suggestions into marketing emails. Emails containing personalised suggestions based on each email subscriber’s browsing behavior on your website can be created. Including such custom personalised suggestions into marketing emails can dramatically increase sales conversion rates and click-through rates.


Email Builds Bridges Across Channels

Consumer channel preferences are influenced by the ability to easily and effectively archive and access messages at a later time. Numerous subscribers purposely message park, so that they can action the message from their computers at a later time. Although much of the desktop messaging experience is replicated by smartphones and tablets, the PC for example, may have faster internet access, larger screens, and full keyboard. Due to its capacity to connect and bridge the three device environment of mobile, tablet, and PC, email remains a powerful channel.


You Must Have Subscriber Permission To Use It

Brands must first look for authorisation before sending customers email marketing messages. The email channel is forever connected with this idea of permission marketing. When you get consent the following step is building data around the subscriber in the form of personalisation. We must recognise that the best customers have the power to ignore marketing. The best way to earn customer attention, is to treat them with respect. Traditional interruption marketing, has become much less effective in this modern world of data overload.


Drive Deals With Emails

The largest possible direct audience for deal making content is available via email, so it must not be disregarded. When it comes to deals, peoples preference, for example is email to Facebook, it’s harder to miss bargains in the inbox than it is in the Facebook News Feed with its waterfall of posts. To ensure money is not left on the table. We get the message out about your offers, and push consumers to your site for email membership, to do this we utilise social media.


Social Networks Do Not Have Exclusivity Of Sharing

You’re reaching just the tip of the iceberg, in the event that your brand is placing emphasis only on social networks for sharing by consumers. The wary contemplative purchasers who offer content off your radar through email and informal word of mouth, are lurking beneath the surface. These private sharers don’t get as much attention as the likers and retweeters, as their activities can’t be seen openly and they are troublesome, if not impossible, to track. The personal endorsement of a mindful friend will often realise a better response than one broadcast to thousands, hence these private communications, however, are greatly significant and valuable to brands.


Abandoned Cart Emails

Data showing us that 70% of online consumers are engaging with your site to the point where they are about to check out and abandon is intolerable. So it is necessary to tailor the recurrence and number of abandoned cart emails to the purchase at hand, and that item’s typical purchase window. For instance, some costly buys require more opportunity to legitimise the spend, so the buy window is larger. Other products require an abandoned cart email that should be sent quickly to be helpful, as the customer will likely want a quick solution. It is therefore necessary to send abandoned cart emails, by giving according consideration to your industry’s typical purchase window.


Post-Purchase Message Automation

We recommend the automation of your reactivation campaign by data-driven staggered launches for time periods such as week, or a month, or longer post-purchase. We will determine the point that subscribers normally buy from your brand once more, or when they will disengage, and begin from that point to customise the send dates considerably further. We will ensure that enough is done to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers, by driving the repeat sales. Neglecting existing customers in favour of increasing new business, again leaves money on the table.


Zana Email Marketing Strategy

The combination of a strong website and customer experience, blended with email shapes a steady establishment for interactive marketing. To make sure your strategy accommodates the required segments, we keep in mind that your audience is made up of both smartphone owners and non-smartphone owners. We build your own consumer database by gaining consumers’ authorisation through your website, rather than depending on single sign-on products to gather opt-ins. To reach your audiences where they anticipate hearing from you, the capacity of email to convey focused on and exclusive content keeps on making it a sound venture for your brand’s marketing resource.

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