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Data Driven Marketing incorporated with “Creativity“

Online PR Professional “Online PR Professional”

Reach new customers by controlling the real force of digital PR with Zana Online PR. The impact of your content, on your target audience will be naturally intensified.

For a wide range of businesses one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches is Online PR. We will ensure that its done right, controlling the overlap between social media marketing and SEO, and managed collaboratively by the right people.


Success factors Of Online PR

You need to get your name out there onto other websites, so we will review your Online PR and recommend the scope of choices to achieve your aim. The use of search to attract visitors, ongoing customer engagement and precision dialogue, using marketing buzz to create consumer interaction, defensive or crisis strategy to protect product positioning, profitability, and market share; are the main types of strategy used.


To maximise the continuous promotion of your business, the right influencers need to be on your side, and given precisely what they need. Zana Online PR can do this augmentation for you.


Definition Of Online PR

The improvement of results from a number of digital marketing communications techniques specifically social media, quality SEO link building, smart collaboration partnership marketing, viral message marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing connections and recommendations, are connected with Online PR activity. There are no shortcuts, it needs to be done right. It requires a great deal of diligent work to make more people aware of your brand or website, but Online PR can still be a great low-cost technique.


Online PR Key Procedures

We suggest as imperative for overseeing Online PR viably, the following related procedures:

  • Influencer marketing; placing focus on specific key consumers, or types of consumer rather than the target market as a whole
  • PR strategy; after planning and research, the strategy needs time to travel in the online world and must relate to the brand and target audience
  • Real-time marketing; our strategy will focus on current, relevant trends and gaining immediate feedback from customers
  • Reputation management; your digital reputation creates significant opportunities and we aim to take advantage of what your reputation could be and make people see your brand at its best
  • Viral and word-of-mouth marketing; we use the echo affect of word-of-mouth marketing, and the compounding affect of viral marketing
  • PR outreach; we focus our strategy on the reputation of your brand within its target market
  • PR analytics; PR is hard work. and we use analytics to show the impact of all that hard work. We give you the numbers to prove it


Zana Online PR will use tested strategies designed to increase brand awareness, traffic and search rankings, engaging your audience with custom-made, and in context appropriate message content, which will be re-transmitted.


Who Do We Need To Influence With Online PR?

  • Websites; a good PR team will help position a brand as an authority in its field by placing stories with a diverse set of relevant and authoritative sites, and by building links
  • Web searchers; a public image can no longer viably be shaped and kept up, by a PR that does not successfully communicate with the online community, as the whole world moves to search for information and buy products
  • Columnists; these tend to be journalists who are contributing regularly to newspapers and magazines
  • Bloggers; online journalists writing content for blogs
  • Social media users: the most influential social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, myspace, Google Plus, tumblr, Pinterest, Xing, Renren, Instagram, YouTube, VK etc
  • Events, exhibitions and awards
  • Directories, organisations and lists


Let Zana Be Your Online PR Professional

A gifted PR expert is the most essential online PR asset you can have, an expert that can research story opportunities, and influentially and accordingly pitch both bloggers and online journalists. You’re going to be disappointed by the results, if you convey official statements alone to test many different tactics at the same time in order to identify what works what doesn’t work. You are doomed from the start and will make the conclusion that none of the tactics work for your business. Tools that track trends and conversations online, and for brand monitoring Google Alerts, can help make things easier, yet the most value is provided by human interpretation.

Zana Online PR has the required blend of social, innovative, influential and specialised skills. Particularly useful are our continually developing relationships with bloggers and online publication editors. We are happy to advise on best practices or with a particular situation, or act as your total Online PR specialist. We can help on an ongoing basis for companies that do not perform their own PR, for as long as your company needs us to develop your public and media relations, we will be there.


Your audience connections are the key to your successful business journey. We will always start with gaining a full understanding of your company to enable us make you stand out from competitors by the creation of innovative and creative digital solutions.

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