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Data Driven Marketing incorporated with “Creativity“

Paid Search Marketing “Paid Search Marketing”

Zana are creators of both innovative and imaginative data-driven paid search (PPC) marketing strategies.

Zana delivers cost-effective, successful marketing strategies. In order to do this we fully perceive the significance of bidding strategy, A/B split testing, account structures, research and many more strategies. We also realise the importance of client education in these marketing strategies for successful paid search. Zana paid search marketing specialists work across all leading online advertising networks and leading global market share internet search engines.


Trends of  Paid Search (PPC)

As consumers have become mobile, a huge PPC (pay-per-click) trend that couldn’t be ignored has developed, and it will continue for some time to come, that trend is “Mobile”. One other trend has become clear for the future of PPC, we need to focus on the key moments of the consumer journey that will inspire them to purchase your product, while targeting the right people.

With the use of tools such as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Customer Match, the shift in aim from targeting keywords to targeting people is getting progressively sophisticated and exact. Your brand can gain the edge in ad copy clickable advertisement text, and landing pages, by using the available improved innovations in technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can use key insights for PPC success to drive more revenue, by fully understanding the customer journey, by the consolidation and understanding of the crazy amounts of data available.

There are various things that are advancing in the realm of paid search marketing. In the last couple of years product ads have been dominant, others such as display ads have held their significance by re-positioning. It is unquestionably not the case any more, that Google dominates PPC conversations as it did over over the last decade. A retailer’s marketing mix may be taken to to the next level, by Google’s contenders like Bing’s Product Ads, YouTube shopping ads and Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. Brand new channels like mobile and remarketing are quickly giving the superior over time and pillar of PPC Marketers plain text ads some strong competition.


Focused Experience-Based Advertising

The future for the paid search PPC realm lies in before a consumer makes an inquiry or purchase, to give them a demonstration visually of what a product can do, which we can liken to a marketers mainstream type product demo. Marketers require to use interactive and intuitive advertisements to showcase their most recent product offerings by means of galleries. The aim is for the user to feel through the product or application as if they are having a live experience. The user involvement in these interactive ads encourages the user to take further steps into the customer journey.

A brand can no longer be super-sure by organic search to rake in all the traffic, the time has gone when this could be achieved by its results for branded search being sufficient. A return for your company name, may appear from a paid search result, along with a paid search result from another company. However, your organic result may appear below the paid campaign from the other company, on this same search term. You would need to bid on your own brand term to prevent the diversion of valuable traffic, by the other company. Companies need to allocate a higher budget for branded campaigns, as more companies incorporate branded campaigns in their marketing strategy.

More brand awareness and product enlightenment by disseminating knowledge for users that are below the sales funnel, as they are still researching the product and not ready to make a purchase, can be created by utilising native ads matching the form and function of the platform. A growth in popularity in native ads is expected as the majority of consumers are comfortable with them and there is a general acceptance.


Paid Search (PPC) Driven by Results

A unique blend of mathematics, statistical calculations, creative learning design through semantic technology and strategic planning is required for profitable PPC. Zana optimise clients pay per click campaigns to increase the ROI you derive from your paid search significantly, using mathematics, and bid management strategies that will increase sales by driving conversions with a positive ROI.

Zana can help you achieve double figure percentage increases in ROI by applying our unique approach which delivers focused measurable results. Zana will help you reach a wider audience online with paid search, as we work closely with search engines such as Google. We ensure you maximise your ROI from PPC, using advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, remarketing, product feed optimisation for Google Shopping and display advertising.

For connection of searchers seeking actively what you provide and your ads, paid search marketing is still an inexpensive and adaptable form of web marketing. The rationale behind paid search marketing campaigns like pay-per-click, or PPC campaigns can be summarised thus; an ad placement of sponsored links for keywords related to your business in a search engine is bid for, then for each click you pay a small fee to the search engine.

In a well-designed campaign, although it may sound like you’ll end up paying a lot by paying for every click, the opposite is true. Only when they’re searching for the products or services you offer precisely, and are more likely by far than a casual browser to be at the point of purchase, will your ads be seen by potential customers. You will end up earning far more than it actually costs for the paid search ads you place, by the right research and a touch of tinkering.


How Paid Search Works

The question is why when you can rank in Google’s organic results for free, would you participate in paid search advertising or hire a consultant like Zana? Why would you want to appear in sponsored links and go to the bother of competing with other bidders for advertising space by entering into an auction?

To win high organic search engine rankings by use of Organic SEO methods, takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge, so in the first instance it is far from free. The resource cost and assets required to achieve high organic ranking for your company could be considerable. You can’t have your sales force simply lounging around sitting tight for qualified leads. So time is also a factor particularly for new and less well established websites, as for your best keywords it takes time to get on the first few search engine pages as your domain develops enough authority.


Paid Search Ad Ranking Rules

Google AdWords is the name of Google’s PPC platform, which although it may seem outwardly complex is designed to provide for your company, searchers and Google, in fact everyone involved maximum ROI. AdWords does this by charging less for ad clicks to the most relevant, intelligently targeted pay-per-click campaigns and thus rewarding them. So we ensure that you’re remunerated for rustling up enthusiasm for your own site, by ensuring better performance through more specific and useful ads.

Google has a pool of AdWords advertisers, which it dips into every time a search is initiated. Ad space appearance on its search results page, is dependent on being in the set of winners it chooses from the pool. A combination of factors, which includes the size of their keyword bids, and the their keywords and ad campaigns relevance and quality, determines the chosen winners.


Zana PPC Marketing Services

We will ensure that search engines, and therefore customers, find your website through pay per click (PPC). PPC is key to ensuring your company’s website is found by your target audiences, and PPC marketing is thus an essential part of online marketing. We offer full online marketing services, of which PPC Management is just one part. So we suggest look into some of our other services like SEO that may be beneficial for you to or use Zana as your complete online marketing provider.

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