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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

To build quality it takes time, Zana aims to build the quality that Google aims to reward. An effective SEO campaign needs to be judged on months if not years, as such optimisation is not a quick process.

The Basics of SEO

To drive more customers to your website, we need to enhance its visibility in search engines, to do this we use the analytical, technical and creative process of Search Engine Optimisation. Utilising its long experience of making websites rank in Google, Zana will assist you to create a successful SEO friendly website.

As Google expects to reward sites with high-quality content and web marketing strategies with high rankings, it insists webmasters adhere to their rules. On the other hand, it additionally punishes websites that manage to rank in Google by breaking these rules. Google’s rules for ranking are guidelines not laws, but we follow these rules as SEO is still mostly about getting web traffic free from the most popular search engine in the world Google.

Understanding what type of results Google wants, and will show to its users, while understanding how people search for things is the craft of web SEO. The SEO company needs to create opportunity by combining all these things. Zana has a strong understanding of how search engines listings of results (SERPs) returned by search engines such as Google in response to satisfy users informational, transactional and navigational keyword queries are generated. Zana comprehends the sites and content types Google wants to return in its natural SERPs, along with the transient and long haul risks involved in the optimisation of rankings in search engines.

If it were not for the numerous pitfalls in web SEO, achieving the marketing campaign aim of increased visibility in search engines would be a relatively simple process. We win our Web SEO battles by knowing which rules to follow and which to ignore, the risks that can be taken, and win by the gains we make.

Positioning high on Google rankings is free advertising on the best advertising space on the planet, and is exceptionally valuable. Therefore, whether we like it or not search engines like Google have the influence to make us successful. Google can make or break an online business, as the most valuable organic traffic to a website is traffic from Google natural listings that appear because of their relevance to the search terms. By enhancing your website, and for every customer searching for your company, product or service, ensure your web content is optimised to be as relevant as possible. You can at present still create highly targeted leads for free. For a page in Google in competitive niches to rank on merit, it takes a ton of work.

You need to have a quality website, if you expect to rank in Google. A ‘Quality User Experience‘ is expected, it can’t be based on outdated strategies or on manipulation. The secret is to give your users the best experience possible. Google looks for poor user experience, low quality content and other issues, using the Google Panda/Site Quality algorithms and quality raters. If quality issues are present in your website, Google will discover them. Visitor satisfaction is the key to success today.

Over the last few years, the web has seen some very low quality online marketing. To ensure a high general level of quality in online marketing, Google now continuously raises the quality bar. Investment in higher quality on-page content; website architecture looking at technical, aesthetic and functional criteria; balance of conversion to optimisation strategy; promotion and usability is required for online success. Zana will show the right path to follow, and that you don’t find yourself on the wrong one pursued by Google’s algorithms.


What Is A Successful SEO Strategy?

Search engine popularity through ranking is about user satisfaction and adding quality delivered by useful relevant trusted content on your website, its not about manipulation tactics. You company needs to ready itself invest time and effort in online marketing and your website to get more free valuable traffic from search engines.


Website Content Quality

Google has the power to force you to invest resources in high-quality content and great service that will attract valuable editorial links from authoritative websites, as its rules ensure only quality documents rank in its results. Google will rank you high, if you’re willing to invest in adding great content to your website, and willing to create buzz about your company, assuming you already have an outstanding product and great customer service. The alternative strategy is manipulation, for which Google will penalise you for a period, until you fix the issue, which could take years. Fixing the problems may not necessarily bring organic traffic back to your website to the rate it was before the penalty was imposed. The recovery from a Google Penguin or Panda penalty is firstly a manual clean up process requiring each issue to be examined often by experts, reconsideration requests to Google, and then a growth process to start building good links.

Google has stated that it is determined to frustrate search engine optimisers attempts to increase the amount of high-quality traffic to a website, especially by low quality methods such as spamdexing, which deliberately manipulates search engine indexes. To high ensure high quality standards for pages that compete for top ten rankings, it keeps modifying the rules and moving the goalposts to reach the required standard. So search engine optimisation for Google is about visitor experience, and relevant quality content. To achieve the highest ranking in many niches, this good user experience is the key to winning, and keeping there, your reputation is good and your website trusted. However, we should not forget Google search engine optimisation at its nucleus is still about links and keywords.


Relevance, Authority & Trust

Improving your website through SEO entails making your pages relevant enough for a query and then trusted by Google to rank for it. You need to rank legitimately for valuable keywords for the long haul. Google does not want you to easily modify where you rank, and will class you as a web spammer if they catch you using manipulative methods, you will not rank high for relevant keywords as you will be penalised. Some penalties expire and some don’t as Google wants you to cleanse these manipulations, so the penalties if not addressed can last years.


Google Penalties

The Google web spam team wages perpetual PR war on sites that rely on unnatural links and other manipulative tactics, handing out penalties when it detects them. Attempts to enhance your rank that work may get you penalised fast. This is additional to Google’s algorithms which are designed to look for these manipulative tactics and others like improper use of boilerplate text and keyword stuffing.

Google is intent that it takes longer to see results even from white hat SEO, and aims on guaranteeing a flux in its SERPs generally with respect to where the searcher is on the planet at the inquiry time, and the vicinity of that business to the searcher. There are many things you can do to drive more Google traffic to a web page, but there are some factors you cannot legitimately directly influence.


Zana SEO Strategy

To gain a complete understanding of search engines, Zana makes use of mathematics and less of the utilisation of assessment and factually questionable best practices, we then see a much clearer picture of what SEO strategies, ranking variables and methodologies offer the best results to our clients. Our success or failure today, depends on how well we keep up with the search engines like Google, just like every other SEO in the business right now. The challenge laid down by the search engines is great given their spearheading of the most advanced and sophisticated technology, and the sheer size of search engines like Google. We meet and exceed this challenge by practicing SEO like a search engine. Our maths driven approach to SEO will ensure your company is a winner rather than a loser in the constantly changing digital landscape. Evolve and adapt with us to ensure survival and a win.

Our mission is bring more revenue to your business, by increasing your organic traffic. Zana will help your businesses increase its average keyword ranking and number one ranked keywords, and your overall spot in the top ten ranking. We always start our process with getting to know you, your business, customers and your competition. The information gained is utilised to help increase your search engine rankings, during keyword research. To rank top spot we add quality content, relevant links and appropriate on-page and off-page SEO strategies. To help your company meet its business goal, Zana will optimise your inbound funnels to give the most qualified pool of potential leads, and landing pages to help you turn your traffic into sales.

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